Information about iOS and Android Data update

For years, data updates have been free and usually monthly thanks to an update of the application. To this day more than 80 free updates were delivered. However, as these updates are submitted to an Apple validation and as Apple's rules change like the French tax rules, sometimes every 3 months, I cannot guarantee the regularity of these updates. Recently, some applications have been temporarily rejected for various reasons ranging from "intellectual property" to "app name too long", and currently for "spam", suggesting that my different applications on drugs would be just spam. Since Apple is the largest company in the world, they are intelligent, know better than me, and seem impermeable to rational explanations. So please forgive me in advance if my updates are not accepted every month, and even if one day I had to abandon them because of harassment. These updates represent a very important work whose costs and dedication are far above the remuneration. You will understand that it is sometimes difficult to see this work rejected with respect to previously accepted applications for which only the data are updated.

On Android our old default RSA1024-bit app signing key is no longer supported. We cannot publish any updates for the moment, and we will have to release new apps after enrollment in the new system.

Some new apps are already online on Play Store Buy on Google Play

Some details about the difficulties encountered when working with Apple: