Hematox® is a bibliographical tool used as a support for:

  • evaluating the role of drug(s) as a cause of blood disorder,

  • safety, by avoiding to prescribe any drug known to cause any type of blood disorder in a patient at risk,

  • pharmacoepidemiological studies especially for case/no-case type.

    This specific type of database requires anyway a few safety practices. Actually, three precautions have to be taken by the readers prior using our database:
    1. a drug which is known for its hematotoxicity is not always the only cause of a blood disorder observed in a patient;

    2. and vice versa, the blood disorder may come from another drug which is not registered in our list;

    3. the hematotoxic potential of each drug could be evaluated through the number of references in the index. Nevertheless, this method is strongly inadvisable for drugs marketed in only one country.

    Antineoplastic agents and immunomosuppressants, known for their hematotoxicity, are not included in this file.

    The figures indicated at each item drug-related-type of blood disorder is relevant to the number of bibliographical references registered in the database index.

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